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Dream Weavers

Recently on a trip home to Connecticut I visited the Guilford Handcraft Center to see the current exhibit on display. While there I wandered through several of the studios, ever curious to see where other artists work and create. I learned that I could never be a potter because it requires a strength I no longer have in my bad wrists. Then I walked into the weaving studio.

I’ve always been interested in the art of weaving and I was so impressed with the works in progress.

Looking at some of the intricate patterns (and the charts the weavers had created to use as a guide) I realized just how much using math would be part of the pattern making. Not my strong suit.

I wish someone had been there working so I could ply them with questions (read: annoy them) but I was the only occupant. Of course, I felt that gave me license to peer into all aspects of the looms.

I left with much admiration for this craft and the beautiful projects in progress.