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Photography as Impression, Not Representation


“Essence of Spring”

© Sharon Brown Christopher

The photography with which we are most familiar is representational in nature. It is defined by its accuracy in depicting the scene, object, or person being photographed exactly as it represents itself. Photojournalists are but one example of those who practice representational photography.

Impressionistic photography, an emerging style of photographing, seeks to convey  the movement within the heart of the photographer- impressions, feelings, stirrings. Much like the impressionistic painters of the late nineteenth century, (Monet, Degas, Cezanne, Cassatt, et al.), the photographer uses her/his camera to paint with light and color to convey inner feeling or emotion, often adding movement to not only what we see in the photograph, but also to the method of creating an image.


“First Light”

© Sharon Brown Christopher

Recently I spent a week studying impressionistic photography and compositing images in Longwood Garden and Winterthur Gardens in the Philadelphia area with Charles Needle and Mark S. Johnson. I found it required of me a combination of technical know-how and dexterity, a scrutinizing eye,  a heart open to continuous kneading and cultivation, the courage to risk, and the discipline to practice.


“Sabbath Day”

© Sharon Brown Christopher

If you have any interest is learning about impressionistic photography, read Charles Needle’s book “Impressionistic Photography: A field Guide to Using Your Camera as a Paintbrush.” And check out Mark S. Johnson’s workbench Photoshop tutorials on his website http://www.marksjohnsonphotography.com. Mark is an easy-to-understand, creative Photoshop guru.



© Sharon Brown Christopher

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher