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Denail National Park

Denali National Park encompasses more than six million acres of mountains, glaciers, valleys and rivers. It is renowned for its unparalleled scenic splendor and array of wildlife. At  20,237 feet, Denali is far and away the highest mountain in all of North America.

A single 91 mile road runs east to west through the park to the former mining camp of Kantishina. The road is paved for only the first 15 miles  and the remaining 70 plus miles are navigated by buses. The roundtrip from the park entrance to Kantishina and back takes a full day.

Several years ago I flew into Anchorage the last week of August and rented a motorhome and headed to Denali. I camped inside the park at Teklanika Campground which is 29 miles inside the park. It was already fall in Denali.  Every morning I boarded the bus and headed to Wonder Lake which is an all day trip. Sometimes I would get off the bus to photograph and hike and then catch the next bus. Words can not describe the beauty so I’m going to let the photographs tell the story.

sleeping grizzly

Sleeping Grizzly


Grizzly looking for photographers


Dall Sheep

road in Denali

Road to Wonder Lake

Denali pano

Polychrome Pass

Mt McKinley


Contributed by Renee Lowery