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Doorway to the Stairs. Best of Show!


© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

Honestly.  I tell people that I’m still amazed, excited, and quite honored when my work gets accepted into gallery exhibits and shows.  But when my work wins awards…well, humbled, grateful, and just plain “WOW” comes to mind.

I’m often asked why I enter gallery shows and exhibits.  I think I can narrow it down to three primary reasons.

The first reason is centered around learning.  From the process of entering this form of competition I have learned a great deal about fine art photography.  There is much more involved in fine art photography than simply taking a picture.

Another reason for entering exhibits is to share my work with a greater audience. Marketing one’s work is a complicated process.  People need to see your work to have the desire to collect your work.

And last, but certainly not least, as experts in the field, curators, and jurors select one’s work for inclusion in gallery shows and exhibits, a certain ‘credibility’ is earned; the artist develops a reputation, a certain status in the field, and to some degree a ‘following.’

I do caution folks who enter gallery shows and exhibits to develop ‘thick skin.’  There will be ‘rejection;’ it’s part of the learning process and a fact of life.

Additionally, entering gallery shows and exhibits can become somewhat expensive.  The entry fees, printing, framing, and shipping expenses do add up.  If one attends the opening reception the costs increase dramatically.

Choosing the journey to participate in gallery shows and exhibits began several years ago with my photography teacher at Paducah School of Art.  I have not regretted traveling this path and have learned a great deal and grown through the experiences.

The recognition received is only one small part of the larger package. Thank you LithMoon Gallery for the recent recognition.  I remain ‘humbled and grateful. All I can say is “WOW!”

Contributed by Sue Henry