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My Year in 2018

This month we are all looking back to 2018. What called out to me was the places I had been.

In January it was brutally cold, and when I heard that Reelfoot Lake had frozen I headed to northwest Tennessee. Despite many layers of clothing it was hard to stay out for long but it was so beautiful.

Once the weather was warm, I headed out to area parks to take advantage of the flowers. Peonies became a special favorite for me.

Renewing my zoo membership meant I spent several happy days there enjoying the animals.

Every year I look forward to a trip down to rural Georgia, to the Slow Exposures Photo Exhibit. This year I stayed at a farm and was greeted in the mornings to this tranquil view.

The f/4 ladies ventured into downtown Nashville for a morning of shooting.  Of course, I had to spice up a photo of the historic Customs House.

A trip to Florida always means a visit to the Circle Bar B Nature Area. Beautiful walking trails through marshes hold many species of native wildlife.

This year I attended the local state fair for the first time.

Just before the end of the year I made my way to the Narrows of the Harpeth State Park. It is one of my resolutions to visit many more state parks this year.

I’m looking forward to the places that 2019 will bring me.

— contributed by Sandy Burr  All images © Sandy Burr Photography