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The Beauty of the Cold

It’s been cold here in Tennessee, much colder than we are accustomed to. I’m talking below freezing, single digits. Even for me, a former New Englander, it’s been down right nasty.Then came the call: Reelfoot Lake in northwest Tennessee is frozen and we must go and photograph it before it melts. I put together a ragtag cold weather ensemble and off we went.

The beauty and the stillness was breathtaking.

We scouted where our sunset shot would be and were rewarded with a hunting boat coming in crunching through the ice.

Dawn the following day. You could walk far out on the ice if adventurous, but we stayed within about twenty feet or so.

We stayed a few days (lunches at Boyette’s and breakfasts at Lakeview Diner are a reason to stay), soldiering on through freezing days.

It was my first time at Reelfoot, which is known for its cypress trees and as an excellent eagle habitat for birdwatchers (we did see a lot, twelve in one stand of trees alone). Now I’m eager to go back in more agreeable weather and explore some more.

Contributed by Sandy Burr  © 2018 Sandy Burr Photography