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Four Slow Days in Georgia


© Sandy Burr

“For me the weekend was one, long banquet table filled with photographic delight.”  ~Sharon Brown Christopher

Congratulations are in order for Sandy Burr and Sue Henry, two f/4 studio photographers, for being juried into the Slow Exposures exhibit hung in Concord, Georgia. Out of over 900 entries, the images of Sue and Sandy were among the 75 chosen to celebrate the rural south. Also, juried into the exhibit were Brentwood Photography Group colleagues Rick Smith, Nick Dantona, and Wesley Duffee-Braun.  Jerry Park was juried into his own exhibit featuring his recently published book, Slow Roads, Tennessee. Jerry Atnip, president of the BPG, joined John Bennette as a juror for the exhibit.

I travelled to the exhibit as an interested sidekick- supporter of Sandy and Sue and a learner of all things photographic. I found the weekend-long event to be an immersion into fine art photography and an offering of photographic glimpses into the heart of life. Not only did the 75 images, feasted upon continuously throughout the weekend, offer insight and perspective, but the six juried pop-up exhibits housed in various buildings scattered throughout the countryside expanded the opportunity to reflect on photographic art and be in conversation with its creators.

For me the weekend was one, long banquet table filled with photographic delight.

© Sandy Burr

© Sandy Burr

“My brain is reeling with new information. I still feel the glow of an awesome weekend.”  ~ Sandy Burr

Getting into Slow Exposures is always a thrill as it is one of the best exhibits in the South and so well run. The jurors are top-notch, the venues quirky in a good way and the people so welcoming. This was the second year I was included and my objective (other than to have fun!) was to soak up as much as I could and make it a point to meet as many people as possible. I went in with a little more confidence about my ability and was not shy about approaching other exhibitors. I had so many wonderful conversations that I am still processing it all. We talked about cameras, processes, paper, signing options, what inspired them, where they were from, what they were working on, their families, and even a side trip to where The Walking Dead is shooting this season. Everyone was so giving and enthusiastic and so excited to talk about their work and I was so excited to ask questions. I saw so absolutely gorgeous stuff! And stuff I didn’t understand until I heard someone knowledgeable talk about it. My brain is reeling with new information. I have made new friends. I still feel the glow of an awesome weekend.

And the food! The Southern Hospitality! OMG, eating nothing but yogurt this week….

© Sandy Burr

© Sandy Burr

“It’s like we received a ‘booster shot’ of inspiration and enthusiasm for our photographic ventures.’  ~  Sue Henry

I really don’t know how to fully explain to others what the ‘Slow’ experience is all about.

Is it the thrill of being accepted by respected jurors? Is it the delight of seeing an abundance of stellar photography? Is it the opportunity to interact with so many talented and creative photographers? Or, is it the remarkable hospitality shown by the SlowExposure committees or the folks of Pike County GA? Perhaps it’s a combination of all of the above!

I do know, however, that the f/4 conversations in the car traveling to and from the SlowExposure exhibit as well as the various accompanying events were filled with talk of goals, plans, and dreams. It’s like we received a ‘booster shot’ of inspiration and enthusiasm for our photographic ventures.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

Each September, ALL roads lead to Pike County GA, the home of SlowExposures and Four Slow Days.


© Rick Smith

And…you can bet we have a goal to go back next year!