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A Challenge I Couldn’t Resist


 © Sharon Brown Christopher

Some time ago, a friend and I, while at a conference, ventured one pleasant spring day onto the nearby university campus during a break…with cameras in hand. We noticed some extraordinary activity on the wide veranda of a campus building and drew closer to figure out what all the commotion was about. We learned the dance department was rehearsing for a performance and was using the porch as a place to rehearse with a touch of the fresh spring air.

We asked the dance instructor if we might photograph during the rehearsal, and she affirmed our doing so- as long as we did not include any recognizable faces in our images. Now there was a challenge we could not resist! To compensate for the absence of faces, I experimented with several techniques.


© Sharon Brown Christopher

 With a long shutter speed, I caught the movement of the dance.


© Sharon Brown Christopher

I also worked with the shadows.


© Sharon Brown Christopher

And then there was color- vivid, intoxicating color!


© Sharon Brown Christopher

When color, motion, and a touch of shadow came together, my heart sang! It was an afternoon filled with delight, even though we have no faces to show for it.

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher