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A Nature Walk in Florida

A few weeks ago I was down in central Florida visiting my 88-year-old mom. We have two traditions: we go shopping and we spend an afternoon at the Circle B Bar Nature Preserve. It’s a beautiful area along the coast of Lake Hancock. While she sits and reads I explore the trails. Sometimes there are sightings of eagles and owls but this day I only come across the usual suspects.

This ibis had just caught lunch.

I stayed quiet on the trail and watched him consume the fish in a few gulps.

Herons were plentiful.

Even found a cute little green heron.

Many flocks of ibis in the marsh areas.

I was excited by this tree of birds. White heron and some cormorants.

As I was heading back I caught this white heron in flight. It was a beautiful sight!

contributed by Sandy Burr. All images © Sandy Burr Photography