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All is Coming


© Marcie Scudder

How do you see?
She asked.

I look.
I answered.

How do you find?
She asked.

I listen.
I answered.

A friend asked if she might accompany my camera and i on one of our usual morning walks.
She stopped where I did.
She squatted when I did and climbed up a steep embankment alongside me.

She asked questions.
What F-stop? What shutter speed? When should she consider changing one filter for another? How might she know what’s best for any one day?
What lens is best for this or there or that?

Her queries were baffling to me.
I don’t know – was all I could say.

I arrive. I find ground. After years and years of practice – I’ve learned to trust in what I feel…and what I feel – I’ve learned – is how I see.

Today – finds me on the first official day of spring.
Here in these Vermont mountains – it’s not what you’d expect. The earth is still frozen and blanketed in white. No signs of greening. Not anywhere. Not yet.
I’m waiting for the birds’ and their northbound migration.
I’m looking forward to the soft moo-ing of the cows.
Soon – I’ll be airing my toes….raising my face…feeling the warmth of the sun.
Tomorrow…maybe. Or the day after that.

Today – I’m here in my most comfortable seat. I sit with my legs crossed. My hands rest. My gaze is soft. My breath is even – steady and slow and deep.
I walk – one foot in front of another.
I’m patient. Time has its way.
I look. I listen. I feel.

There is no secret sauce….no magic formula.
In the words of Pattahbi Jois:
‘Practice and all is coming.’


Many of us have followed Marcie’s dedicated practice for several years.  When she sent her post, she called it ‘a sort of stream-of-consciousness meditation’ and she very simply signed her post submission:

Marcie Scudder
Artist. Writer. Yogini.

If you know Marcie, that is very appropriate.

Thank you for joining us, Marcie.