Sharon Brown Christopher

Sharon Brown Christopher

Sharon Brown Christopher

“My desire is to open ways for people to see inside…inside themselves and all of life. As a visual artist, I compose photographic images meant to reveal the spirit that makes its home in all living things. Through imagination, technological discipline, and even the movement of my camera, I create visual experiences that evoke the curiosity of the viewers, stir their hearts, and invite them into an encounter with life that is larger than themselves.” Sharon Brown Christopher

Images have fascinated Sharon Brown Christopher since she was a child. The characters and scenes from stories read to her and written for her by her mother danced in her mind’s eye, and the photography hobbies of her aunt and father drew her to her very own Kodak box camera.

Although she did not own an adult camera until she was launched in the work world, her life-long vocation as pastor turned on the careful and creative use of metaphors and parables- that is, mental pictures. Upon retirement she picked up her DSLR in earnest and her verbal images morphed into photographic images.

Sharon has traveled the world and the nation, watching, paying attention, focusing, and seeing with her heart’s eye the wonder, mystery, and splendor embedded in the human family and all of creation. Currently, fine art photography with emphasis on the up close and the abstract is fueling her imagination.

Her pictures have been shared through various photographic exhibits, a published book of poetry, Alive Now, a denominational magazine of spiritual reflection, and various denominational media presentations. Her personal website is nearing its debut.


Life never stands still. Dynamic and resilient, life flows horizontally with a “from/to” rhythm and vertically with an “in/out” beat. Even when the path takes us back, the destination is never quite the same as it was the first time around. There are exterior and interior tracks to human movement, the first marked chronologically by events, places, people, and time and the second marked by musings, epiphanies, insights, and meaning.

In the series of images below, I offer for reflection, glimpses into life on the inside- our interior track.


Often we store within us unresolved issues from years and experiences past. I happened upon these tightly shut doors during a drive through the de-commissioned naval base on Mare Island near Vallejo, California. It was their texture that piqued my curiosity.

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At the same time we may be slowed by our locked-up baggage, the future beckons. The horizons below are located on the east and west coasts of the United States and Canada as well as the Tennessee Smoky Mountains. I chose to process them in black and white to accentuate the nature of horizon.

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When we pay attention, light, even in its most subtle form, exposes and heals the haunting shadows. Processing in sepia with a bit of color contributes to the mystery at the heart of discerning light in darkness.

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Sometimes new energy bursts prompt the gifts of epiphany, liberation, and grace that surround and fill us. These images speak of going in and going out, of being engulfed and being embraced. Each image below is a composite of at least two photographs.

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