The Typewriter

A wave of nostalgia rushed over me when I spotted the old typewriter on the table of the local antique store.  The table was outdoors where the elements would rust and age the typewriter even more than it already was.

I was reminded of my aunt’s small town dress shop and the typewriter that always sat in her office.  In my memory I could hear the steady tap, tap, tap and the rhythmic ringing of the bell as my aunt collected the daily news for the local radio station.  No computer generated invoices for her.  She personally typed each and every statement for her customers.

© Sue Henry

As I more fully studied the antique typewriter, I discovered the rust and cobwebs. One side of me wanted to clean up the relic.  The other side of me wanted to take the time to appreciate the the beauty of the signs of  age and abandonment.  A unique and individual character and patina presented itself.  

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

My mind then wandered to the craftsmanship of the typewriter.  Heavy.  Solid.  While certainly not unblemished, it was still basically intact and whole.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

What was to happen to this relic?  It certainly was beyond repair for practical use. The shop owner spoke of taking the keys and making jewelry and turning the body of the device into a planter.

She graciously allowed me time to photograph the typewriter and spend time going down memory lane BEFORE it was repurposed.

My grandchildren wanted to know if the typewriter was the first computer!  More than likely my grandchildren will never understand the humor of the Leroy Anderson piece titled “The Typewriter!” Have a listen!

© Sue Henry

Contributed by Sue Henry


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