Openings into Spring

Spring is a season of the year, following winter and preceding summer.

Spring is a chapter in our lives, following dependency and preceding responsibility.

Spring is a step in a transformative experience, following certainty and preceding a new direction.

This past week, during Nashville’s last days of spring I, with eyes wide open and camera in hand, wandered around nearby Bowie Nature Center. I share below my sightings that I hope might be for you, should you decide to linger for a while, portals into the nature of spring.


The Protection

© Sharon Brown Christopher


The Thicket

© Sharon Brown Christopher


The Blooming

© Sharon Brown Christopher


The Edge

© Sharon Brown Christopher


The Depths

© Sharon Brown Christopher


The Woodland

© Sharon Brown Christopher


Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher


2 thoughts on “Openings into Spring

  1. Robert Olson

    To Susan:

    All the images are delightful. You succeeded in describing spring.


    Rob Olson

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Kay Klinkenborg

    Hi Sharon; So pleased to learn of f4 studio blog. Just signed up! Don’t know how long you have had this with your sister artists….but treasured the one’s I found with first look: “Openings Into Spring”. Congratulations on following your dreams. Kay K


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