Our universe is animated by an energy that is both transformational and regenerative. It restores. It refreshes. It quickens life in those places and times in  which we think no life could possibly exist. It is a source of hope. Life, not death, ultimately has the last word.

We see it in the planting of a seed that is buried deep in the darkness of the earth…only to rise triumphantly into colorful flowering plants and green leafing trees. We see it in decisions that we humans make to tenderly care and love ourselves and others. With eyes to see and hearts to heed, we are able to move in harmony with this creative energy in many moments of our lives.

We, the women of f/4 studio, share with you some of our sightings of renewal. Take a look.


© Sandy Burr


© Sandy Burr

Soul Food © Sue Henry

Healing Waters © Sue Henry


© Sharon Brown Christopher


© Sharon Brown Christopher


Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

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