From Various Perspectives: Vintage

Photographers are often drawn to the special and unique qualities of vintage subjects; subjects possessing features that come only from age…and aging.

These vintage lawn chairs have endured the elements over the years, and have earned their unique rust and patina.

© Sandy Burr

Sometimes vintage items have stories to tell.  Even if one doesn’t know the stories behind the items, one can easily imagine.

© Sandy Burr

Characteristics of age that are classic…like fine wine.

© Sharon Brown Christopher

Vintage items can cause us to pause, reflect, and remember.

Remember the manual typewriter?

© Sue Henry

Remember hood ornaments?

© Sue Henry

Then there’s the rotary dial phone…..this time with a twist!

© Sharon Brown Christopher

It’s easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new. ~ Tony Visconti

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