Astonished by the Hyacinth

Desperate for a sign of spring,  I, at the height of this week’s polar vortex, heard my name called by a hyacinth perched on a shelf in the floral  department of our local Publix grocery. The flower quickly found a place in my cart and led, once I got home, to a session of art on the dining room table.

It definitely felt like a macro moment. It seemed as if I couldn’t get close enough. I was drawn by the juxtaposition of color, line, and detail. I remembered the recently deceased poet Mary Oliver’s description of what she had learned about life in her 83 years:

Three things: 1. Pay attention. 2. Be astonished. 3. Tell about it.

Below, I share with you my astonishment after paying attention to the hyacinth, a harbinger of hope.


© Sharon Brown Christopher


© Sharon Brown Christopher


 © Sharon Brown Christopher


© Sharon Brown Christopher


© Sharon Brown Christopher


Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher


© Sharon Brown Christopher. All rights reserved.

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