Dancing in the Rain

To avoid the cool, wet outdoors, I visited this week with camera  in hand Cheekwood Estates and Gardens where I encountered the meticulous and magical work of Gabriel Dawe, a mixed media and installation artist, whose art exhibition, titled “Field of Light,” has just opened in one of the mansion’s galleries.

Discouraged from embroidering as an eight-year-old child because such activity was reserved for women, Dawe, as an adult, has woven architecture and thread and tulle into bold, colorful works of luminous quality.

With eye engaged and camera poised and with permission to photograph, I chose not to represent the details of his work but rather with intentional camera movement to respond to his bold color and texture as it spoke to me. After moving my images from camera to computer, I realized that my results have taken the form of meditation pieces, inviting the viewer into themselves for focused contemplation. I also realized that as a result of my engagement with the art of Gabriel Dawe, my soul had been dancing in the rain.

To see the majesty and energy of Dawe’s work, visit Cheekwood. The exhibit is up until December 30. If that is not possible for you, google Gabriel Dawe, artist.


© Sharon Brown Christopher


© Sharon Brown Christopher


© Sharon Brown Christopher


© Sharon Brown Christopher


© Sharon Brown Christopher

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

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