Nashville: Art in Plain Sight, part 3

They (Sandy and Sharon) dragged me downtown, kicking and screaming.  Perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much!

I’m sure you’ve heard about children in classrooms that can’t focus due to all of the distractions and visual stimulation surrounding them.  That’s how I feel when I go to Lower Broadway in Nashville.  Everything becomes a blur.  I’m over-stimulated and over-whelmed  by the traffic, the people, and the sights and sounds. With the multiple distractions, I have a very challenging time finding the focus to create art.

© Sue Henry

Given a choice, I would have found the simple and quiet comfort the downtown Nashville Library offered the morning of our outing more to my liking.

© Sue Henry

However, our task at hand for the day was, as Sharon said in her post, to ‘see what we could see’ on Lower Broadway.  Feeling much like a tourist, my eyes looked up to take in the Nashville skyline.

© Sue Henry

The variety of architecture present in Nashville is fascinating.  From clean lines with lots of reflective glass….

© Sue Henry

to historic buildings with their beautiful architectural details.

© Sue Henry

Interestingly enough, what truly captured my attention during our morning downtown stroll were the little ‘hints of nature’ I discovered while exploring the ‘concrete jungle’ of the city.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

Contributed by Sue Henry

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