Nashville: Art In Plain Sight


© Sharon Brown Christopher

The women of f/4 studio ventured into downtown Nashville recently to see what we could see…from various perspectives. Sandy called our experience a romp. Sue, a hike. I, the lagging one, while wishing for an amble, thought we took a steady walk. While these descriptions only in part reflect our sense of physical pace in the hilly terrain, more aptly, they describe, I believe, our approaches to photography. Sandy moves decisively, quickly seeing her shot and nailing it with precision, heading on then to the next one. Sue and her photography rhythmically move in often calming and mysterious ways, a flow with subtle beat and cadence. I often take the slowest approach, stopping often to explore the options present in every nook and cranny.

These days downtown Nashville is full of tourists and construction cranes even at 9:30 in the morning. This time around, it was the art displayed in the surfaces of the new and the old buildings that caught my eye. Everywhere I looked, there was art in plain sight!


Here is the art I saw:


© Sharon Brown Christopher



© Sharon Brown Christopher



© Sharon Brown Christopher



© Sharon Brown Christopher



© Sharon Brown Christopher



© Sharon Brown Christopher



© Sharon Brown Christopher

I saw city walls as art. A view of the city that was this particular morning and still is every morning waking up to a new day.

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

2 thoughts on “Nashville: Art In Plain Sight

  1. Bonney Oelschlager

    I am so grateful for your continuing lessons in seeing the beauty in our surroundings. . .They make a camera of my eyes, and what a joy that is!!

  2. Larry

    Wow. I especially like the formats (vertical and landscape), the textures (the glass windows bending the light), and the colors (especially karaoke bar). Great work. Thank you!


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