Good Friends, Good Books

Recently several good friends spent a quiet morning in an antique mall photographing.  As photographers frequently do, we separated and gave each other space.  That practice often assures more of a contemplative environment and often invites creativity.

The lunch that followed the outing was, however, far from contemplative and was filled with the warm laughter, rich sharing, and interesting conversation that is often generated when close friends enjoy fellowship together.

Upon review of my images at home, I realized how much I was drawn to books as my subject during the outing.

What is it they say about good friends and…books?

 “A good book is like a good friend.  It will stay with you for the rest of your life.  When you first get to know it, it will give you excitement and adventure, and years later it will provide you with comfort and familiarity.  And best of all, you can share it with your children or your grandchildren or anyone you love enough to let into its secrets.”  ~ Charlie Lovett

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

“Your life is a book.  Don’t jump to the end to see if it’s worth it.  Just enjoy life and fill those pages with beautiful memories.”  ~ unknown

Contributed by Sue Henry

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