A Summer’s Stroll

It took the companionship of two photography buddies to get me outside on a sultry summer afternoon recently. With their encouragement I joined them in strolling and looking and seeing our way through a quiet neighborhood in Nashville. By my choice most of my seeing was up close. By my choice I processed my images in a square format that provides you, the viewer, windows through which you may see what I saw.

I saw gently flowing as well as still water…


© Sharon Brown Christopher


© Sharon Brown Christopher

I met three trees whose bark fascinated  me…


© Sharon Brown Christopher


©˙ Sharon Brown Christopher


© Sharon Brown Christopher

I looked up…


© Sharon Brown Christopher

And I even caught a glimpse of the wind– or at least evidence of its presence…


© Sharon Brown Christopher

I share with you these ever-so-small gifts given to me in the course of a hike on a summer’s afternoon.

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

1 thought on “A Summer’s Stroll

  1. Bonney Oelschlager

    Oh Sharon these captures embrace, tingle me, enlighten me. The first one is such a stunning view of nature speaking to nature in a heart pattering way. The second is the way the Radiant Light of the Orating Spirit calls my attention to the higher powers of our universe. I am always intrigued with the complexity and depth of tree trunks. Do others get called to view and ‘listen’ to the messages of the multitude of profiles? They are not all what we as humans becoming expect to carry meaningful depth, but they are truly speaking stories and truths that awaken our humanness!! Thank you, thank you from this observer for capturing the heart of the Spirit that dwells in me. –Bonney Oelschlager


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