Greenway Green

The city of Nashville is laced with greenways, cycling and walking trails usually lined in lush green foliage in the summertime. Over the years of residing in this city, I’ve spent many hours on the greenway within walking distance of our house, often with camera in hand.

I share here my most recent greenway trek, taken on one of the first hot, humid days of the season.

Not yet June, the trail already has a sense of a lazy day of summer.


© Sharon Brown Christopher


The creek waters tempt me with a desire to wade…or at least pull up a log and sit for awhile.


© Sharon Brown Christopher


The protective fencing around the golf course deters stray golf balls but does not in any way mute the rich color of the golf greens.


© Sharon Brown Christopher


As is usually the case, I was on this visit lured into the mystery that is the charm of this greenway close to home.


© Sharon Brown Christopher



© Sharon Brown Christopher


Soon I will return in search of Queen Anne’s Lace.


Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher


All images © Sharon Brown Christopher. All rights reserved.


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