Recently I visited a small rural Tennessee town – population about 300 – with a group of photographer friends.  We wandered and explored the quiet streets with cameras in hand.  Totally unintentional at the time I was photographing, I realized when processing my images quite an assortment of wheels and/or transportation images.

“Don’t Let the Grass Grow Under Your Feet” © Sue Henry

“Steer Clear” © Sue Henry

“Giddy-Up” © Sue Henry

“At Rest” © Sue Henry

“Deflated” © Sue Henry

“Rusty Ride” © Sue Henry

The wheels of life keep turning,
Propelling us along,
And as they go, we’re learning,
To, be both soft and strong.

To take laughter, fun and pleasure,
To take grief, sadness and tears,
And when we’ve had full measure,
Along come other fears.

This world can be so splendid,
But also hard and cruel,
And as one hurt is mended,
Along comes a renewal.

So take each day, and value it,
Once gone it can’t return,
Just treasure every single bit,
And give each your concern.

© Ernestine Northover

Contributed by Sue Henry


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