As Seen…Winter’s Last Gasp, Part III

© Sue Henry

The Beaman Park paths were wide and easy to navigate.  Being the end of winter and still a wee bit chilly, we had the park mostly to ourselves.  Over the years we’ve learned we love to photograph in solitude, taking time to observe and reflect on what the scene presents to us.

We, the women of f/4 Studio, typically give each other space when we go on an outing.  We generally are within ‘shouting’ distance but not within ‘speaking’ distance of the others.  We rarely know what the others are photographing which allows us a certain freedom and independence in pursuing our own subject matter and style.

It is often fascinating after the outing to see what the others photographed, thus our enthusiasm in sharing ‘As Seen From Various Perspectives.”  It’s our way of sharing how each member of f/4 Studio sees the same location differently.

© Sue Henry

For the most part the trees of Beaman Park were barren.  The tall, slender trunks standing proudly in their naked state.

© Sue Henry

It was the splashes of earthy, golden brown color, however, that captured my attention. I found that I was curious about why most trees would drop their leaves in the fall while others would hold on to the drying brown leaves until the new green leaves would push them off in the spring.  That curiosity lead me to a new-to-me word, marcescent, and my primary subject for the day.  Deciduous trees that hold onto their leaves through the winter are described as marcescent (mahr-CESS-ent).

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

Contributed by Sue Henry




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