As Seen…Winter’s Last Gasp Part II

I love to photograph nature in the winter. There is something about the outdoors stripped down to its essentials. Our recent group outing to Beamon State Park was a fine example.

The broad canvas of the park was too chaotic for my eye so I concentrated on the little things.

As I ventured down a winding path I was rewarded with a small stream and some regents of the cold…

and gentle movement of the water.

Now spring has arrived, with its buds and colors ready to provide a new adventure.

—contributed by Sandy Burr   © Sandy Burr Photography

2 thoughts on “As Seen…Winter’s Last Gasp Part II

  1. Bonney Oelschlager

    Definitely touched my eyes and went directly to my heart! Thanks for capturing what I might not otherwise see. In the Midwest we are still waiting for the snow blankets to be pulled back (ie melted) so all that is waiting for new birth may lift it’s ‘petals’ and cause us to blink our eyes into a hope-filled Spring!! Gracias.

  2. Larry Hollon

    Perfect use of black and white to create mood and capture the beauty you saw in what could be a barren landscape when viewed without vision and insight. Thank you.


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