Drive-By Shootings

It was one of Nashville’s coldest, iciest winter days. The city was shut down. A friend called saying, “Let’s go shooting!” (photographically, that is) Wrapped in every warm garment we could find, we headed out. She drove. I watched for photographic splendor…or some close approximation.

Quickly we discovered the wind was too brisk to get out of the car, but this wrinkle in time did not deter us. We would stop, roll down windows on both sides of the car, and sometimes leave the windows up and shoot through the ice that had accumulated on the glass.

With persistence and a bit of imagination the images below are some of my take-aways from that adventurous day.


©Sharon Brown Christopher



©Sharon Brown Christopher



©Sharon Brown Christopher



Fire and Ice

©Sharon Brown Christopher



©Sharon Brown Christopher

It was an adventurous day that stretched my imagination and forced me to see possibility.

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

1 thought on “Drive-By Shootings

  1. Bonney Oelschlager

    Focus of the eye for the interest. Focus of the camera for the capture. Focus of the heart for the appreciation. Thank you Sharon, for passing it on to those of us who would have missed these captures of a moment in time!!


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