Weathering the Weather


noun: the state of the atmosphere at a place and time as regards heat, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain, etc.

Weather…always present, coming to us in a rhythm of seasons, a fundamental process that shapes the Earth, a common denominator to us all. A usual conversation starter…or ender…or a go-to filler when the absence of words is overbearing.

Here are several our visual takes on weather.


© Sharon Brown Christopher



© Sharon Brown Christopher



© Sandy Burr



© Sandy Burr



© Sue Henry



© Sue Henry


It is only when the cold season comes that we know the pine and cypress to be evergreens.    (A Chinese proverb)

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

1 thought on “Weathering the Weather

  1. Bonney Oelschlager

    I love seeing snow ‘hugging’ flowers and berries with an “oh there you are” silent comment. We as people are not giving the same kind thoughts as it envelopes us on our usual transportation (by road or by foot). Can/should WE AS PEOPLE, learn to give a welcoming message to this seasonal show of ‘welcome to our world, people?’


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