Just Five More Minutes…

Imagine sitting in an old-fashioned swing on the edge of a calm, peaceful lake. The day is lovely. Not too hot. Not too cool. Not too windy. As Goldilocks might say, “It was just right.”

The creaking swing rocks leisurely back and forth; the sound in harmony with the gentle lapping of the lake on the shore.

One becomes nearly hypnotized. Or at least very, very relaxed. A perfect setting to unwind and just ‘chill out.’  A perfect setting to linger for at least five more minutes.


The women of f/4 Studio recently went on a photography outing. The objective was to photograph a small historic Tennessee town that boasted of interesting architecture. I think it safe to say that all three of us were somewhat disappointed with the anticipated subject matter.

As we wandered the streets of the sleepy little town, we eventually ended up at the edge of a near-by lake. And, the three of us DID indeed sit on that old-fashioned swing and gently rock back and forth. The conversation was hushed, thoughtful, and reflective.

We lingered…and then we lingered some more. We told ourselves we would leave in “five more minutes.” It did not surprise us that those “five more minutes” turned in to several “just five more minutes.”

There really was nothing of significance on the shore immediately before us. Water. Trees. Rocks. Weeds.  However, it was as if a magnet pulled us to the scene…and that magnet didn’t want to let loose.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry


© Sue Henry

Caught up in the moment, I was mesmerized by the beautiful, peaceful water that changed patterns with the nearly imperceptible movement in the water; water that changed colors as the clouds floated overhead.

© Sue Henry

When one is still and silent, even the diminutive patterns and gentle ripples formed by rocks in the water create a sight to behold.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

Isn’t it amazing how something so simple and insignificant as sitting by water’s edge can bring such calm and peace.

© Sue Henry

I’m so thankful that we stayed “just five more minutes.”

“Always find time for things that make you feel alive.”  ~ unknown

Contributed by Sue Henry

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