Old: As Seen From Various Perspectives

Nearly all of us toss around phrases about old, often without much thought: old hat, old-age, old-fashioned, old-style, old-time, old-world, old-timer, old-fangled, etc.

Old (ōld, oldest)
1. having lived for a long time; no longer young.
made or built long ago
possessed or used for a long time
having the characteristics or showing the signs of age
(informal) boring or tiresome
2. belonging only or chiefly to the past; former or previous

Whether it be to capture a memory, savor the patina, or honor the long existence of a person, place, or thing, the women of f/4 Studio are often drawn to capturing the unique qualities of OLD.

© Sandy Burr

© Sandy Burr

© Sharon Brown Christopher

© Sharon Brown Christopher

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry


As we continue our new monthly series, “As Seen From Various Perspectives,” today’s theme is OLD.  The women of f/4 Studio feature a collection of images in keeping with the designated 4th Sunday theme.  Blog viewers, as always, are invited to suggest themes for consideration for future 4th Sunday themes.

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