The Old Barn

Stumbling upon an old barn equals pure joy to a photographer (or at least this photographer). While photographing an old, historic house I noticed an old barn out in back. You bet I had to go in. Everything inside speaks of a bygone day.

Wonderful textures abound.

And vignettes from long ago.

Many of these barns, with all their treasures, are gone now, but with the help of the photographic community, not forgotten.

Contributed by Sandy Burr. All images copyright © Sandy Burr Photography

2 thoughts on “The Old Barn

  1. Hawkins, Pam

    Hi Sandy

    Simply marvelous photos of an amazing barn. I enjoyed viewing them. I really love your style. As I was viewing the images, I noticed the old spindles. I have been wanting to find some large thick ones like in the image. One of my hobbies is repurposing old items and giving them new life. Is this barn anywhere close by? Would the person be willing to sell some of the items in this barn? If so, I would love to be able to see what they have. SO many opportunities to create something!!

    I have my fingers crossed!
    Best Regards
    Pam Hawkins

    1. sandyburr05 Post author

      Hi Pam, Thanks for your kind words. The barn is in Hermitage on the grounds of the Cloverbottom mansion. I think the historical society was using the house at the time I was there. I haven’t been there for a few years and I think there have been changes but as far as I know the grounds are still open. I’m not sure who owns the property, you’ll have to do a bit of investigating. Good luck!


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