Looking for Light


© Sharon Brown Christopher

I always seem to be looking for light, and I enjoy tremendously working photographically with light. So, there was no hesitation on my part when a friend invited me to join her for a couple of hours of walking through the recent China Light exhibit on the Tennessee state fair grounds.


© Sharon Brown Christopher

Designed for the enjoyment of the whole family, it was a modest presentation of Chinese objects and shapes, and the light, amplified by the night sky, was an irresistible lure for this photographer.


© Sharon Brown Christopher

The time became for me a meditative stroll in which the eyes of my heart began to see while my mind and camera recorded.


© Sharon Brown Christopher

The light, sometimes coupled with camera movement and intentional blur, brought both surprise and satisfaction as I viewed results through the screen on the back of my camera.


© Sharon Brown Christopher

The question to be asked of these images is not so much “What is it?” as it is “What feelings does the image evoke?”

It was a delightful summer’s evening.  How I enjoy looking for light!

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

1 thought on “Looking for Light

  1. Robert


    Beautiful light for a Sunday morning: quite appropriate. Thank you for sharing these fabulous images. Someone is definitely inspiring you.

    Best to you.

    Rob Olson

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