Honing the Imagination


Cast Your Pain upon the Wind

© Sharon Brown Christopher

To hone our imaginations and to photograph in an abstract way, I visited recently with several photo buddies a cement parking structure near a strip mall here in Nashville. The challenge was to allow the cement and its markings to speak to us.


Peering over the Edge

© Sharon Brown Christopher

We wandered around the parking structure with cameras in hand and eyes and hearts fixed on the cement and its markings made by weather and wear by human traffic.


Treading between Two Worlds

© Sharon Brown Christopher

Recorded here is what I saw and felt.


Muted Dog

© Sharon Brown Christopher


Teach Your Children Well

© Sharon Brown Christopher


The Ogre Yearns for Love

© Sharon Brown Christopher

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher


1 thought on “Honing the Imagination

  1. Cathie Lyons

    I like these very much, Sharon and am particularly drawn to the bottom three. I see in them something that reminds me of prehistoric drawings.
    I have always approached abstract art sensually: the line, form, texture, the colors, or the lack thereof. I usually find something with which to connect.
    I shall not forget the one you titled, The Ogre Yearns for Love. The title creates its own impression, but it is the presence of the tiny bit of red for which the central object “yearns” or strives to move toward that transforms the piece into something that is breathtaking.


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