The Auction

I knew the weekend would be stressful.  There was no way of denying that.  My parents had owned the same house since the 50’s and I had either lived in or come back to visit that same home for approximately 60 years.  

My Cousin Jack

Now that both of our parents had passed away my brother and I decided to have an auction; an auction to sell the accumulated contents of the house AND the house as well.

Fortunately we had family on whom we could rely  to help with the auction process. That certainly helped with the anxiety related to this act of finality. It didn’t, however, alleviate all of the stress.

Thank you Jack Ufkes for ALL that you did to help our family during this difficult time.  We so very much appreciate your patience, support, expertise and guidance.  

Stress is normal, and certainly part of life. Each of us encounters stress at various times and for differing reasons. However each of us must find our own personal and unique way to deal with stress or risk experiencing the negative effects of stress.

For this particular experience, I turned to my camera as a coping mechanism.  I decided early on that I would use photography as my stress relieving tool.

And…it worked!

Who’ll Give Me One, Now Two

Serious Business

With Her Coveted Glass Basket

Father and Son; Auctioneers in Action

The Next Generation

Fostoria: Stack After Stack of Fostoria!

Close Examination

Sit a Spell

A Family Affair

The Conversation

Sharing a Laugh

Guarding Her Treasures

At the End of the Day…Thumbs Up!

Submitted by Sue Henry



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