To See What We Could See: Part Three, Old

My husband has carried the same old coin in his pocket for as long as I have known him…and that is rapidly approaching 50 years. That coin has been touched, stroked, and rubbed until, except for its size, it is nearly unrecognizable. He doesn’t mind that the coin is now worn smooth and featureless. He still cherishes that coin and has no plans to discard it.

And, don’t you just love walking the time-worn stone steps in old churches and buildings with the gentle indentation on each step marking the passing of the thousands who have tread before.

Just like on our complexions, the passage of time leaves its mark on objects and structures. ‘Old’ has characteristics and qualities that ‘new’ simply can’t replicate.

The special and unique qualities of ‘old’ is what I chose ‘to see what I could see’ during my walk through Bell Buckle and War Trace.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

Contributed by Sue Henry


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