The Practice of Seeing



“Seeing”…the perception of objects by use of the eyes

Three of the questions I ask myself while photographing in each given context are:

What do I see?

What could I see… if I let go of my assumptions, if I change my vantage point, if I redirect the light, if I moved my camera… if, if, if?

How does what I see make me feel?

Just before Christmas I went with several of my photography friends to a little shopping mall south of Nashville called The Factory. Each of us took “sight strolls,” moving individually through the space glancing, squinting, examining, analyzing, experiencing our environs, and then photographing as we were led.

Moving closer and checking out the reflections contributed to this image.


When I came across a wall of thick glass tiles, I couldn’t resist playing with the distortions I saw on through the glass.


The juxtaposition of water drops and light caught my attention as I walked in the drizzle of the night.


And I occasionally looked up.



I practice seeing. Sometimes it results in art. Sometimes, it doesn’t. Whether it does or not, it is necessary for the honing of my eye so that I may open myself as deeply as possible to the unusual, the unexpected, and all things mysterious. Such seeing  sometimes leads to energy bursts that I experience as encounters with creativity.


Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

© Sharon Brown Christopher. All rights reserved.

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