ALABAMA: Dirt Road Adventures

After living in major cities – Birmingham, St. Louis, Charlotte, and Atlanta – for most of my life, I moved three years ago to the old Hunt farm in Pine Level, Alabama: a log cabin on a dirt road.

© Vicki Wilson Hunt

© Vicki Wilson Hunt

“After the Rain” ~ Autauga County (The road I live on)

Being challenged to find beauty in my new surroundings, I explored the dirt road where I live but was drawn beyond. With John Muir’s quote, “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”, I set out to find more beauty. This pursuit led to numerous backroad adventures of my Alabama and its famous, rich dirt.

Traveling deep into the Black Belt region as well as foraging nearby did not disappoint. I have enjoyed my native state even more as I have planned my trips into the wilderness to search for unusual scenes.

Richly saturating each final print with Alabama dirt-infused beeswax gives each print a unique quality. I hope to continue the project with a photo of a dirt road from each Alabama county.

© Vicki Wilson Hunt

© Vicki Wilson Hunt

“The Watch” ~ Perry County

© Vicki Wilson Hunt

© Vicki Wilson Hunt

“Winter” ~ Elmore County

© Vicki Wilson Hunt

© Vicki Wilson Hunt

“Cypress Park” ~ Montgomery County

© Vicki Wilson Hunt

© Vicki Wilson Hunt

“Mud” ~ Lowndes County


This week the women of F/4 Studio would like to welcome Vicki Wilson Hunt as our guest.  When you visit Vicki’s website you will quickly sense a strong Southern influence in her photography.

Thank you Vicki for taking us down these quaint dirt roads via your beautiful imagery.

6 thoughts on “ALABAMA: Dirt Road Adventures

  1. Marjean Brooks

    As usual, Vicki Hunt takes ordinary scenes others pass by without notice and turns them into an image of beauty to be gazed at with wonder. Infused with mystery, her work continues to inspire. MB

  2. marjeanbrooks1

    Vicki Hunt continues to capture everyday scenes–that others pass by unnoticed–while adding a sense of beauty and mystery. She has a gift for seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary and making the viewer see it, too. This work embodies the words of the song, “County road, take me home, to the place I belong…”


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