Little Triumphs

We all know that the great memories of our childhood are the little triumphs – it doesn’t really matter whether that was in writing, art, on the hockey field or on the football field. It’s something that makes you feel – ‘I can do this stuff.’ ~ attributed to Michael Morpurgo

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

As I observed the Saturday morning gymnastics class, I was nearly overwhelmed with the chaos of color and movement, the flurry of youthful excitement and the constant chatter.

Out of a multitude of images made while observing the students, this one image spoke to my heart.

And, isn’t it true that even as ‘seasoned’ adults we still celebrate life’s ‘Little Triumphs.’

Perhaps it’s those ‘Little Triumphs’ that keep us going….and growing.  Food for thought.

Contributed by Sue Henry


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