The Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin

While in Colorado last month I had the wonderful experience to photograph a few of the wild horses that reside in BLM area of Sand Wash Basin. What I pictured when planning my trip was easily accessible areas where lots of horses magically appeared. The reality was quite different. The “roads” (more like dirt paths) were often steep and rutted and rarely did I see another person. It was scary and exhilarating at the same time. Luckily, the area was covered in low shrubs so spotting horses was relatively easy. Getting close enough to photograph was another matter. But once I spotted some I was off.

Wild Horses-0299 Wild Horses-0315

Fortunately, I had rented a super-long zoom lens. The horses were usually more curious than afraid.

Wild Horses-0632

Typically they are found in bands led by a stallion. There are some wonderful local people who check them out daily and have them all named and catalogued. I found out through them that the band below belongs to the stallion, Corona.

Wild Horses-0712 Wild Horses-0769

Not only are the horses magnificent but the scenery is as well.

Wild Horses-0608

Unfortunately, federal laws still allow for the rounding up and slaughter of these precious creatures. There are many worthwhile organizations that are trying to change laws to allot more federal grazing land to the wild horses. If interested, you can go to and sign petitions to let our lawmakers know that these horses need to be protected.

Wild Horses-0587

I hope in the future to go to more areas where wild horses roam. I came back changed form my time there.

—contributed by Sandy Burr

© Sandy Burr Photography 2016

2 thoughts on “The Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin

  1. Bonney Oelschlager

    You’ve captured the dignity and uniqueness of these magnificent animals and the earth forms that surround them. Thank you for sharing something I may never see personally, except through your sensitive lens!

  2. Di Wyatt

    Love your photos – beautiful animals. Australia has a similar story – our wild brumbies are descended from the first horses that came to Australia with convicts and early settlers. Sadly our National Parks are considering a cull of these creatures in the alpine areas. It would be terrible to see the Brumby become extinct in the future.


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