On Assignment

The message read:  The original York family barn on York Road is about to succumb to the developer’s bulldozers.  Do you think you could swing by and photograph it for history’s sake?  

© Sue Henry

“York Barn on York Road” © Sue Henry

I, of course, was more than happy to accept that assignment.  And, as usual, I found some other interesting photographic treasures while ‘on assignment.’

© Sue Henry

“From a Distance” © Sue Henry


“Found Still Life” © Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

“The Big Oak Tree on Big Oak Road” © Sue Henry

"The Iris" © Sue Henry

“The Sweet Lone Iris” © Sue Henry

© Sue henry

“Mr. Pete’s Poppy” © Sue Henry


6 thoughts on “On Assignment

  1. Linda B.

    Sad to see all this progress at the expense of lost farms. I understand folks get to old to care for these places and feel the need to let go.

    1. f4studionashville Post author

      And…the children of the farm owners are often busy with their own lives, families, and careers and are not able to help maintain the farms. The money from the developers is hard to turn away. Our little rural area is dramatically – and rapidly – changing.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Linda B. 🙂 ~Sue

  2. Bonney Oelschlager

    The open door on the abandoned barn just breathes PEACE unto the golden field.
    The single Iris proudly represents the community that once was abundant.
    The found still life gives off whispers of, ‘remember who we once were and what we once prepared the earth to grow?’
    And the Oak feels like a wisdom tree anchored with the deepest of roots and the highest reaching branches giving courage and comfort to all in the vicinity.

    Thank you for the heart gift!!

    1. f4studionashville Post author

      The Oak is on another property that will be developed as a subdivision. A member of the county board has made a motion to keep the oak at the entrance of the new subdivision. I was relieved to learn that the beautiful, majestic, ‘wisdom tree’ will remain to speak to others as the tree spoke to me. I love your impression and description of the tree. Thank you, as always, for your insightful comments. ~Sue


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