Our National Parks are a Treasure

Did you know that if you are 62 or older you can purchase a lifetime pass to all our national parks for $10? I can’t think of a better bargain! Our parks are treasures for photographers and visitors alike to be appreciated for their beauty, wildlife and history. Until recently, I had only been to two: Bandolier National Monument in New Mexico and, of course, Great Smoky Mountains.

Recently on a trip to Colorado I was able to visit two more. First stop on our trip was Great Sand Dunes National Park. I admit I had not heard of it before but it is quite a marvel.

Nat'l Park-9980

Those little dots you see on the dunes are people. Yes, they are huge, over 1,500 feet high. Visitors can walk up them (I only made it halfway) and even rent boards to “ski” down. It has a special beauty at different times of the day.

Nat'l Park-0036

We got up early the following morning to watch the sun rise over the dunes. It was magnificent.

Natl Park-0107

Great Sand Dunes is located in southern Colorado, a bit off the beaten path, but worth the trip.

A few days later I visited a very remote corner of Dinosaur National Monument called the Gates of Lodore (sounds very Lord of the Rings). This area is not accessible from the main area of the park except by boat. To get this image I had to hike up a fairly steep path with many stone steps but the view was well worth it.

Nat'l Park-0527

None of these images really does justice to the awesome beauty of these areas. We are so lucky to have them!

—Contributed by Sandy Burr

all images © Sandy Burr Photography


1 thought on “Our National Parks are a Treasure

  1. Bonney Oelschlager

    Thank you for taking me to places I may never be able to go to! I am so touched by the contrasts. Smooth as melted chocolate, sharp windblown stone, depth and height in the same picture. Touched my soul and I thank you. Bonney Oelschlager


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