You Are Invited


© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

Looking back to October 2013, I wrote a post entitled “Before It’s Too Late.” At that time I was just beginning my quest of photographing rural life in and around my current home of Nolensville Tennessee. The area is rapidly changing. Many quaint farms are being developed into modern subdivisions. The quiet, peaceful rural life is succumbing to the hustle and bustle of suburban life.

In July 2015 I referenced this long-term photography project and subsequent work with the Nolensville Historical Society in the post “Helping Others Through Photography, Part Two.”

Fast forward to April 2016. A second long term project is reaching conclusion and a year’s worth of photography and research will culminate with a May 9th presentation at the Nolensville Historical Society. For this upcoming presentation the focus has been on documenting and preserving the history of log structures of Nolensville.


“Mr. Pete” – © Sue Henry

Mr. Pete has been my guide for the last year, and I his camera totin’ side-kick.

He diligently arranged visits to nearly 40 different sites and locations for us to photograph, document, and research. Often we would find the sites at the end of secluded lanes or hidden in the woods.  Many times the log structures were in severe disrepair. We waded through creeks, crossed barbed-wire fences, and carefully watched where we stepped to avoid stepping on critters, falling in cisterns, or falling through rotting floors in aged cabins.

However, we also were invited onto the properties and into homes of many gracious people who had lovingly restored and cared for log cabins and log structures.

We explored the various structures, making observations and inferences from the relics left behind. A sense of amazement and appreciation for the ancestors that originally settled in Nolensville was instantly formed.

I’ll share with you just a small sample of images made during this past year while working on the long structure project.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

If you’re in the area on May the 9th, stop by the Nolensville Historic School Gym.  Mr. Pete and I would love to share the culmination of our year-long project with you!  Ya’ll come, ya hear!

NHS Invitation

Contributed by Sue Henry



5 thoughts on “You Are Invited

  1. Anita Bower

    These photos and this project are outstanding! I love every one of the photos above. The portrait of Mr. Mosley is excellent–you capture his unhurried good humor. I would love to be at this presentation. I’d love to see all your photos and hear what you both learned. I hope something permanent is created for the historical society–a book maybe. I hope it is a resounding success. Your project was brilliant.

  2. Pam Hawkins

    Marvelous work and so interesting! I hope to get to come. You should consider making a book through Blurb and selling it at your talk and through local vendors.

    1. f4studionashville Post author

      Thanks so much, Pam. And, you know exactly where the historic school gym is; we’ve talked together there before! 🙂 I would love to see you at the presentation. Pete and I are considering a book and will take a closer look at that possibility after the May 9th presentation. We do know for sure that a video will be made. ~Sue

  3. f4studionashville Post author

    Oh Anita. Your comment is most appreciated…and very generous. Thank you.

    We have plans in place to make a video from our project. The video will be donated to the historical society and the local high school. We, of course, would be willing to help other interested local organizations acquire a video as well.

    Pete and I keep tossing around the idea of a book but, oh my, what an undertaking that would be!

    Again, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. ~ Sue

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