In my Back Woods

A few weeks ago, when spring had not quite sprung yet, I was anxious to get out and shoot. I grabbed my camera and plunged into the woods behind my house. Well, hardly a woods as such, more of a patch of brush, spindly trees and rampaging wild grape vines. Nevertheless, I felt that there must be something to find. I began by inspecting hide holes in some of the trees.

back woods-9066

back woods-9137

back woods-9115

And then on the ground.

back woods-9037

back woods-9183

And finally up in the branches.

back woods-9164

back woods-9157

Sometimes you just gotta look to see.

Submitted by Sandy Burr

© Sandy Burr Photography

3 thoughts on “In my Back Woods

  1. Bonney Oelschlager

    Sandy Burr my heart thanks you for taking and sharing these full of wonder photos! These close-ups awaken ‘story’ in me and fill me with delight. Photo’s one, two and three whisper to me of hidden stories just waiting for the right moment to share their mysteries and next chapter tale. Number four is vulnerability and courage to share an interior message unfolding. Number five had me zeroing in on the teeny mouse face at the center of the seed. It has questions greater than its size and a need to remain in privacy until it chooses to reveal more. Photo six reminds me of adolescence or a post exhausting life event where ‘just hanging out’ in a most vulnerable way is the only choice available. Number seven goes to my heart center, as I see a bird on the left deeply conferring with a ‘monk’ on the right head to beak. I believe ‘truths’ of life as it is from two perspectives are being examined with open hearts. Thank you, thank you for sharing your inspiration publically. Bonney Oelschlager


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