“Threshold:” the point or level at which something begins or changes; at the beginning of something or very close to something (such as a new condition, important discovery, etc.)

A feeling of disappointment began to fill me as I drove down the Natchez Trace recently. There were hints of spring here and there, but spring in its majesty had not yet overcome the brown of winter. I looked and looked…and gradually my vision cleared. The gift being given that day was not the splendor of spring but rather the gift of the threshold that lies between the ending of winter and the beginning of spring,  the passageway that lies between all the seasons. The dead of winter and the opening of spring were in obvious and bold display in juxtaposition to one another.


Barrenness  and brilliance cozied up beside each other..


Once my eyes adjusted, I became witness to a magnificent turning point, and once I began to develop my images at home I saw subtle and obvious thresholds everywhere.


In response I could only say, “Thank you!”

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

All images in this blogpost are copyrighted ©Sharon Brown Christopher. All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Thresholds

  1. Bonney Oelschlager

    Great captures to my eyes. The persistence of the pink bush to be itself in the midst of surrounding darkness. The tree hovering over the still sleeping countryside reminded me of an old song, “all night all day, angels watching over me my Lord” and brought comfort. The yellow arms center stage drinking in the sky reminded me where to turn when I could not ‘see’ the future. (I also tend to ‘see’ things in backgrounds. In the center third of the post i see a gentle Lions Head in the clouds. And in the left third of the post, I see another larger Lions Head which at first I thought looked like a stone face in a mountain.) All were thresholds to my spirit mind and my writer’s calling. THANKS for the share!

    1. sabc123

      Thank you so much, Howard. I love the naming of the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter as “Threshold Day.”

      And thank you, Bonney!


    Sharon, perhaps the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday could become “Threshold Day.” These photos are filled with what has been and what is to come. Truly an Easter promise. Howard


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