Visual Narrative

My name is Jamie Heiden and I live in one of the most beautiful places ever called the Driftless Area in Western Wisconsin, USA. I’ve been taking pictures ever since I received my first camera from my mom and dad before I entered high school.
Walking Each Other Home
I’ve heard people describe this style of photography as Photo Impressionism. If the definition of the painted Impressionistic image is ”a literary or artistic style that seeks to capture a feeling or experience rather than to achieve accurate depiction”, I suppose that would fit. Although my intention is not to create an image that would inherently be described as painterly I do try to convey the feeling of that moment perhaps without necessarily recording its exact details like journalistic photography would.

chaos theory
I get the most satisfaction out of releasing that shutter. So my day trips will often bring in 300-500 images on my camera card. I was taught back in my university schooling that film is your cheapest commodity… if that was true then digital memory is even cheaper. I then sit down at my computer and the beginnings unfold. Each image contains multiple layers. Dodging, burning, boosting contrast and adjusting exposure, all tasks once performed in the darkroom, are now tools I have at my fingertips using the computer. Simplicity is my inspiration; story is my goal. I love an open horizon or a lone tree, an abandoned house or an aged barn. It’s this simplicity that more effectively sets the stage for the narrative to begin inside the viewer’s mind.
It's a Fine Line
I really do hope that when someone looks at one of my pictures a story begins. Perhaps it’s a story that continues from another time or another place. Or maybe it’s a new tale that needs to be told. Either way I hope that they are able to see more than just that solitary tree tree or simple horizon. Hopefully they see themselves there within.
Five Sisters
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Trust Your Story


The women of F/4 Studio welcome as today’s guest, Jamie Heiden.  New to us, we encountered Jaimie’s creative work on the internet and found it fresh, unique, and inspirational.

From her web site: “Jamie lives in rural Wisconsin with her husband and two children. They have two horses, two goats, one dog, two cats, twelve eight seven chickens (one rogue fox) and a corresponding amount of chores to be done – first is to build a better chicken fence. Update – Mission accomplished. We live in a world that can move so fast, we sometimes miss seeing the beauty in our day to day lives. Jamie strives to find that little bit of fairytale everyday. We hope you enjoy your visit.”

Thank you, Jamie, for your willingness to share your work with us.

All images © Jaime Heiden Photography and used with permission

2 thoughts on “Visual Narrative

  1. Andy

    Thank you, Jamie. F/4 made quite a ‘discovery’ with your artistry, so expressive, and personal. Excellent post-production of some stand-alone field photos!


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