The Digital Darkroom



As a young adult practicing photography for the first time, I loved the time I spent in the darkroom. I converted a corner of our basement into my darkroom lab. I would don my apron and goggles and with the use of varying water temperatures and rinse baths, smelly chemicals , colored filters, and the dodging and burning with light, among other techniques, I would watch in wonder as images came into view on the paper in the water-filled chemical bath.

My darkroom today is computer software that allows me to do all I did before and much, much more while I sit at my desk in my study.


 Future’s Beckoning

The techniques I used in my dark, wet basement space have morphed into clicks on my computer keyboard.


Water to Wine

And the creative process is now limited only by my lack of computer ability and imagination.


Winter’s Eve

Today the post-processing of my images in-computer is as much an invitation to creativity as is my in-camera work. What a gift!

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

All images are ©Sharon Brown Christopher All rights reserved.

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