Years ago, during my time as a church organist, I enjoyed what were called ‘free hymn tune improvisations.’  I loved the way the old and the new, the familiar and the unfamiliar, were woven together.  I loved the way the contemporary interpretations of well-known and time-honored hymns often ‘challenged’ the listener or encouraged the listener to sit up and take notice.  I loved and appreciated the creativity that the improvisational style offered while still being respectful of history and tradition.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

In free hymn tune improvisations, the melody was always present but might have counter-melodies and/or interesting rhythmic themes added.  The chord structure would nearly always be altered.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

From time to time I find myself ‘improvising’ with my images; challenging the viewer to accept  imaginative interpretations of  well-known and time-honored subjects and scenarios.  I enjoy creating something different and unfamiliar from that which is very familiar.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

While I no longer am an active performing musician, I remain amazed at how much inspiration from music I receive for my photography.  Music is a powerful photography muse.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

11 thoughts on “Improvisation

  1. Norene Pfautz Fiacco

    Excellent pictures and words. You are an inspiration to many, about continuing to learn and grow as long as we are here on this earth. Do not get stagnant!


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