A Different Kind of Gift

Each year I photograph something ‘Christmasy’ and create my own personal and unique Christmas card.  Usually I print the cards myself on good quality paper in such a way that the cards are suitable for framing.  By doing this, I hope that my cards are not only a holiday greeting, but also a small gift for each recipient.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

Occasionally I’ll hear a ‘thank you for the special card,’ or ‘I really enjoyed your card this year.’  However, typically there are no comments or responses; one can only hope the card was appreciated.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

One special elderly friend from my home town was the exception.  She lived alone and rarely ventured out of her house.  Visits from family members, hours of telephone conversations with friends, and the television were her primary avenues for contact and connection with others.

During each of my visits ‘home,’ I would always set aside time to visit this special friend and over the years a strong bond was formed.  She always asked about my photography and always commented about my Christmas cards.

She passed away this year.

Recently I received a letter from her daughter.  In the letter she thanked me for my ongoing friendship with her mother…and my beautiful Christmas cards.  It seems that she found all of my cards collected in a special place.  I felt as if I had received a gift when I read her letter; a gift in knowing my cards (and my photography) had been appreciated.

Often we never really know how meaningful or impactful our art can be to others.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

May the dove of peace and the spirit of the season be with you and yours this holiday season.
Merry Christmas!

Submitted by Sue Henry

10 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Gift

  1. Joan Hazlett

    This is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. It reminds me of sending cards and little gifts to my Aunt who passed away 2 years ago. Thank you.

  2. Susan curtis

    This is what life is about and reaching out to others at Christmas. Thanks Sue for sharing your story and photography!

  3. Petra Pavlátková

    It’s a touching and beautiful story, Sue, and your cards feel special. Once I read that when you put your stuff out there, you never know who is looking what impact it has and I liked that idea. In the positive sense, it’s not just about presenting our work, it’s also about sharing, giving and taking and that is so much more…

    1. f4studionashville Post author

      Ah, yes, Petra! I try so hard to keep an open mind and not ‘pre-judge’ as I share my work. I know that what ‘touches’ one person does not always ‘touch’ another. We all have such unique and individual experiences that shape our perceptions. Thanks for stopping by, Petra. Nice to hear from you. Happy New Year!!! ~Sue


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