The Gift

Several years ago at a meeting of a local camera club one of the members said to us that as photographers we have the gift of seeing things differently. This really resonated with me and became something of an “aha” moment. I hadn’t thought of my photography in that way although I knew immediately that there was truth there.

We are all graced with different gifts. There have been time when after finishing a particularly compelling book that I am in awe of the author who’s imagination created a world that I had been so lost in. How, I would wonder, did they do this?

Or when a songwriter friend tells me how when he is composing that he can hear all the various instruments in his head playing their parts. That gift is inconceivable to me. But how wonderful that must be.

Our brains are wondrous creatures to be sure. We all have gifts to explore, nurture and share. It has been my pleasure to share my gift of seeing different with all of you. And to seek out and enjoy the gifts you have to offer.


contributed by Sandy Burr

© 2015 Sandy Burr photography

2 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. Bonney Oelschlager

    Some might see a tree ornament and be done looking. Thank you for allowing me to see a moment of crystal clear peace, amidst planets of light, with the grounding of a single pine tree tip grounding the weight of the moment!


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