Sight Strolls


The Last Hurrah

© Sharon Brown Christopher

My childhood piano teacher was fond of saying to me, “Practice makes perfect.” It’s an adage familiar to us all. Over the years I have learned to question…What exactly is perfection?  The answers given when I have asked have shifted and evolved over the course of the years.


A Hint of Fall

© Sharon Brown Christopher

I have learned that the habit or discipline of practice is indeed necessary to hone any sort of skill.


The Light of Great Price

© Sharon Brown Christopher

In recent weeks I have increased my practice of photography. I take what I call “sight strolls.” With photo gear draped on my shoulders, I stroll through carefully and sometimes not so carefully chosen sites with eyes wide open or eyes squinted, looking, assessing, feeling, and then receiving the invitation to raise my camera.


Day’s End

© Sharon Brown Christopher

Between showers this past week I strolled through Centennial Park and Belmont University campus in Nashville, Tennessee. While perfection eluded me, the practice internally rearranged me in subtle ways. I felt happy on the inside when I got home. In this instance discipline begat contentment.


Tipping Points

© Sharon Brown Christopher

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

1 thought on “Sight Strolls

  1. Bonney Oelschlager

    Every one of these inspires a poem or story in me. But the one that knocks the wind out of me is, Days End! It ripples in my interior self, like past, present and future blending in beautiful harmony for the eyes! Appreciate your work and your sharing.


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