The Heart’s Eye



© Sharon Brown Christopher

Recently I traveled to the Canadian Rockies. I loved the mountains, but few people, by looking at the photographs I made, would ever know I was in the mountains! The reason has something to do with seeing with my heart’s eye rather than my head’s eyes.


© Sharon Brown Christopher

It was the colors and the reflections and the contrasts and the shapes and the ripples and the perspectives that grabbed my heart and caused it to leap for joy.


© Sharon Brown Christopher

These elements occasionally caused me  to move my camera in a dancing sort of way.


© Sharon Brown Christopher


© Sharon Brown Christopher

And if you have doubts about my being in the mountains, take a look…


© Sharon Brown Christopher

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

2 thoughts on “The Heart’s Eye

  1. Bonney Oelschlager

    THANK YOU SHARON!! I will comment on the photos in the f/4 itself. I am LOVING what you are seeing with your heart eye!

  2. Bonney Oelschlager

    Each of these vibrated within me in the tones of musical instruments.
    The first was very methodical and precise like steady drumbeats.
    The second with soft yellow/green/turquoise tones resonated like the strings of a harp swaying back and forth in tender tones.
    The third came to me as a trumpet leaping from low notes to high notes with great energy and surprise bursts of openness.
    The fourth expressed itself as a flute dancing through the tones/colors like a ballet dancer touching the ground then leaping in freedom.
    The fifth struck me as a piccolo. Reverently, tenderly lifting the colors out of solid firmament into meditative sky harmoniously thriving together.
    The ‘reality’ shot was almost too much to breathe in and came as a final TA DAH full orchestra hitting the culminating note and leaving the chambers of my heart with a sense of holding my exhaled breath because I didn’t want the music to end.

    My greatest appreciation came and stayed with the harp. Perhaps that is where I am choosing to live my presence.
    I am gifted by your contributions. Thank you Sharon.


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